COSMOS Spacecraft


Your country home

Spacecraft blurs the barrier between the outside world and interior space, allowing a person to live closer to nature, observe it, but at the same time living in with modern luxuries.



80 m2

The house spaces are perfectly balanced – on the one hand, it has all the necessary areas for a comfortable stay and on the other – there are no extra spaces that require additional heating or care.

Implementation time

5 months
before you settle in

The entire process from idea to implementation is cosmically fast, since 80% of the work is carried out in factory conditions. Such construction expertise came to us from the US and Europe.

"Clean" design

0 clutter

Our houses are synonymous to functionality, space and minimalism. It contains no unnecessary details and helps you to relax and focus on the beauty of nature outside the window.

Living room

Spacecraft's main space

The central space of the house combines a relaxation area with a kitchen inside and a terrace that becomes part of the house thanks to the sliding panoramic windows.

It is designed as a frame to the environment, and a fireplace in the background of the window completes this picture.


Contains everything you need

The through-window visibility in the kitchen area is designed in such a way that when you open the windows from both sides – the kitchen merges with the terrace and becomes a zone of laid back vibes.

The folding table extends on the edges, so you can host more people around.

Cooking surface
Cooking surface
Washing machine
Washing machine
Household hoods
Household hoods


The bridge between the house and surrounding nature

This is the place of your peace, your tet-a-tet with dawn and sunset. This is a place where coffee is more delicious, where music is more alive, where books are brighter, and evenings with friends are warmer. It can be of several sizes and configured according to your wishes.


Space for solitude

The intimate bedroom area has its own exit to the terrace. Functionally, the room combines an area for sleep, solitude, work, and a walk-in closet.

Second floor

Your window into the Cosmos

The silhouette of the building conceals the second half-floor, as an additional sleeping area, from where the starry sky can be seen. It can become your additional space for recreation and children’s games, or a bedroom for guests.


Created at your convenience

We have developed two options for your choice – with a bathtub or shower. There is also a small panoramic window through which you can enjoy the scenery, and in the winter – just run out into the snowstorm.

The price of a house

The base of the house is worth $ 78 990 and includes the most important stages of construction, from the foundation to the sockets, in particular the following:

1: Foundation and house

1: Foundation and house

$ 32 820
  • Foundation on the site
  • Wood framing
  • Isolation of the house
2: Windows, doors, facade and roof

2: Windows, doors, facade and roof

$ 19 990
  • Windows installation
  • Entrance doors and doors in the technical room
  • Facade and roof
3: Technologies

3: Technologies

$ 9 010
  • Distribution of electricity
  • Internal wiring of pipes for water supply and sewerage
  • Recuperation systems
  • Installation of warm floor systems
4: Interior

4: Interior

$ 11 970
  • The concrete floor
  • Sheatrock walls and ceilings
  • Taping and painting the walls
  • Floor coverings
  • Arrangement of the construction of the stairs

Organization of the process

$ 5 200

Organization of the process of construction, procurement, delivery and control


$ 78 990

COSMOS in action

Life in the house

“There was a time when I wanted to be a computer game tester. But it never happened and I became an architect and got a wonderful opportunity to become a tester of modern dwellings together with my family. Cosmic landscapes, cosmic atmosphere.”

Marko Savytsyy, an architect