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The space that meets your needs

In COSMOS Prefab, we believe that every aspect of your living space must make your life easier and more fulfilling. That’s why we created your COSMOS – houses designed to make your dreams about comfortable life come true.

Whatever your house looks like, it looks right. No matter whether it’s a dream home for privacy in the backyard, or a house that can change with your needs.

The process of creating your ultimate project

Right space at the right time

We adapt to your needs, and not vice versa. With COSMOS Prefab, you will be sure that your house will reflect all your preferences in every detail. And the process itself will require how ever much involvement you would like to contribute…

Work with a dream

Step One
  • Identification of your personal needs and needs of all your family members
  • Formulation of technical requirements
  • Choice of design trends
  • Testing of the designed space

Work on paper

Step Two
  • Development of sketch and architectural design
  • Analysis of your site
  • Development and approval of the architectural concept of the house
  • Approval of structural elements and development of working design

Work on site

Step Three
  • Laying of utilities
  • Preparation of the land
  • Foundation works
  • Building the house
  • Laying of internal utility connections
  • Facade and interior finishing works
  • Completion of the interior and exterior


A house in which even your toothbrush is already waiting for you.

In less than six months you will be able to settle in your own house… The area around the house will be cleaned, the entire interior and exterior will be ready, the aroma of coffee will greet you inside and even your favorite couch will be waiting for you. We will do everything ourselves in order to build the ultimate home and protect your nervous system.

The benefits of your house

Designed for people

Created with Sketch. Method of design thinking

Our principle is “We create spaces with a human centered design”


5 months before you settle in

The whole process from the idea to implementation is cosmically fast, because up to 70% of the work is carried out within the factory.

Comprehensive solution

Created with Sketch. The house ready for life

We accompany you throughout the entire process – from idea to its implementation. You will get a whole range of services, starting with finding the perfect parcel of land, building the house, and then with the maintenance of the house after the commission.

Be Inspired!

We create projects based on anyone’s imagination. Products that stimulate creativity and freshen up your mind. Ideas that are always amazing and never disappointing. Spaces that are easy to implement and easy to use.

We create your perfect space. We exceed expectations. We help dreamers dream and create.

Do you want to meet?

We love to build cool things with cool people, and we love to hear about new ideas. Contact us and tell us about your project. We will help you to translate it into a reality.