About us

About us

Astronauts of Prefab construction

We redefine the concept of space and create new approaches.

We know how difficult it is to build a house without special knowledge, having spent a lot of time, money, and switching contractors. We are ready to take over all of these problems and let you enjoy the process from a concept to the final result.

Everyone is unique and full of ideas, so we faced a tricky question: how can the space of a building expand and open its full potential? How can we create a place of strength and inspiration for a person?

Each of us is a cosmos

We are convinced of two things. The first thing is that each of us is unique, and the second one is that space affects us, our life and our thoughts. That is why our vocation is to create spaces that will inspire and encourage your personal fulfillment. Excited with the desire to make sophisticated, emotive, and up-to-date houses, we teamed up with people who are able to create new, integrated products and solutions.

We create Prefab spaces.

Modern buildings that are factory-built and transported to the site.

Prefab construction is a new idea for Ukraine, which is wide-spread all over the world. This is one of the efficient approaches to building houses, which allows you to get a house with the minimum amount of work on the site and maximum optimization of funds in the shortest possible time. We can transport our homes anywhere in the world – whether it is the top of Mount Everest of the Azores.

We will do everything you want and even more!

Our strength is the support of entire project from idea to its final implementation.

Each COSMOS Prefab house is created using pre-assembled units in factory conditions with superb quality control and then transported to your site. We also provide a full range of related services, starting from the search and preparation of the parcel of land and ending with all interior solutions and services after commissioning of the house.

Let's get to know each other better?

If you are interested in our homes, and want to become a partner or cooperate with us, please leave your contacts and we will certainly get in touch with you.