Retreat house

We offer an efficient solution for your own business, which will carry value, inspire people with wonderful places and spaces. Thanks to the deliberate plan and proven architectural solutions, you can immediately concentrate on the most important aspects of life.

Model range benefits


5 5 months for construction

Prefab manufacturing method means that up to 70% of all construction works are done at the plant, which shortens the timing of implementation. Thanks to the creation of a house in a short time, you can start earning in half a year.

Complex decision

ALL spaces you need

We offer complex architectural solutions that include, apart from hotel buildings, all other areas to create a hotel complex of the highest class.

Your own business

Plan Ready business

We will support you in all processes from the idea to launching the hotel complex. We will consider everything to details, set up operational processes and help to manage it.

Model Range


Area: 40.5 m² + 9.2 m²
Capacity: 4

The COSMOS Camp Hotel House gives a person a chance to dive into their recreation while enjoying the view from the window. The space of the house is shaped so that it is comfortable to communicate and spend time with friends in the living room, which is integrated with the kitchen and has access to the terrace. This model is designed for flat areas.


Area: 74.8 m² + 17.5 m²
Capacity: 8

Infrastructure flexibility is the most important for the hotel business. Therefore, we created the apartments that can split the house into two separate rooms with the help of a hidden sliding wall. The hotel house is generally designed for up to eight people, it has two separate bathrooms and two kitchens. The large terrace in the house is a great place to relax.


Area: 36.75 m² + 17.5 m²
Capacity: 8

We suggest placing the model COSMOS Camp No.3 on sites with a steep slope. It is designed to make the most of the area with a beautiful view. The terrace, which combines bedroom and living room, allows guests to enjoy the best views from the window on site.

The price of a house

The base of the house is worth $ 38 500 and includes the most important stages of construction, from the foundation to the sockets, in particular the following:

1: Foundation and house

1: Foundation and house

$ 17 850
  • Foundation on the site
  • Wood framing
  • Isolation of the house
2: Windows, doors, facade and roof

2: Windows, doors, facade and roof

$ 8 480
  • Windows installation
  • Entrance doors and doors in the technical room
  • Facade and roof
3: Technologies

3: Technologies

$ 2 900
  • Distribution of electricity
  • Internal wiring of pipes for water supply and sewerage
  • Recuperation systems
  • Installation of warm floor systems
4: Interior

4: Interior

$ 4 820
  • The concrete floor
  • Sheatrock walls and ceilings
  • Taping and painting the walls
  • Floor coverings
5: Exterior

5: Exterior

$ 1 450

The terrace


$ 38 500