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Your own business that has a value

We are ready to help you live out your most daring dreams and build the space that will bring your business to new orbits. Our values, approach to work, quality and design will enhance your flight, and the speed of construction will accelerate it dramatically. We value the trust of each client and together we are looking for innovative ways to expand their business – from spatial solutions to hotel consulting.

Creating your hotel complex

COSMOS hospitality

We develop and implement the concepts of recreation centers taking into account the unique features of the project and your wishes.

Creating places for your work

COSMOS offices

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary environment that will nurture your ambitions and inspire to great heights

Development of conceptual residential complexes

COSMOS houses

In the hotel business segment, our company provides a full range of services, in particular:

  • development of the concept: market analysis, positioning, name, brand creation.
  • Hotel consulting: hotel launch plan, development of its infrastructure.
  • Architectural concept of the hotel: based on the business concept we develop the architecture of the complex.


I have an idea but I do not know how to put it in action...

If you’ve been dreaming about something for a long time and did not know who can do it and how, now you know that nothing is impossible for Prefab!

Please write us and we will put your dream on the ground, or wherever you say

Your support in business

COSMOS services

We know how hard it is to start something new, how much you have to think through everything, analyze and do before launching… And we want to share our experience, help you in new achievements – we will check the area where you want to start construction, analyze the audience and develop a concept, develop a business plan and find the perfect team for your project.

Advantages of cooperation

Your own business that has value

Innovative solutions

Spaces for people

Thanks to Prefab technology, you can create the most unique and unusual spaces.

From A to Z

ALL will be ready

We take upon ourselves all the work to implement your project – from the idea to your first “Wow”, when you see the finished product.

Your dream becomes a reality

Unreal is real

We realized that anything is possible if we gather the right people. We are ready to implement the best ideas and put them on the ground.

Video review

Maxim is a businessman, leader of many successful projects, the latest ones being UNIT.City, VDNG and Radar Tech. He knows how to make a creative business successful.

“One has to push hard to give a life to a baby. The same happens to any project – once there is creativity, framework, and pressure – it will become alive and evolve.”

Max Bakhmatov UNIT.City


You already know what you want to implement?

COSMOS Prefab is ready to help you reach a peak... Contact one of our representatives to discuss your project in detail.