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Sophisticated, emotive and up-to-date spaces.

We specialize in Prefab construction and open up new horizons to the real estate universe.
We create spaces that complement the environment and cater to human needs. They are designed to inspire.

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COSMOS [ v i e w ]

Your country house 80m2

Spacecraft is a country house for 4 people, which is perfect for relaxation any time of the year. Due to the well thought-out design, the barrier between the outside world and interior space disappears, and a person gets closer to nature.

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hotel house 37m2

We have developed the Camp together with hoteliers, creating a great solution for travelers who are looking for close communion with nature, retreat, and recreation. Responsive planning and broad infrastructure capabilities make the Camp your best choice for business.

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You imagine – we create!


Designed for people

Method of
Design Thinking

Our principle is “We create spaces with a human centered design”


5 months before
you settle in

The whole process from an idea to implementation is cosmically fast, because up to 70% of the work is carried out within our factory.

Comprehensive solution

The house
ready for life

We accompany you throughout the entire process – from idea to its implementation. We will stand together with you starting with finding the perfect parcel of land, building the house, and then with the maintenance of the house after the commission.

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